Michelle Arnold is A Woman Making it Happen

Welcome to our weekly edition of Women Making it Happen (#WomenMakingItHappen). Each Wednesday on the blog we’ll feature a woman entrepreneur who’s making it happen in the world of entrepreneurship! She's gonna share with us how she keeps it moving for her business venture(s). 

Today’s featured woman is Michelle Arnold, owner of 1st Travel Service. Additionally Michelle runs a coaching business, Speak Life Coaching Group. We met Michelle through Facebook and we even became a member of her travel group.

We asked Michelle to share a bit about what keeps her pushing and striving to #MakeItHappen in business!!!

  1. First, we’d like to thank you so much for being a featured guest on our blog.Tell us a little bit about your business ventures. I am a travel agent and my business is 1st Travel Service. I am also a coach/speaker and my business is Speak Life Coaching Group. My goal is to speak life into as many people as I can reach.
  2. What propelled you to venture off into entrepreneurship? I have been with the Federal Government for 28 years, and I want to retire in three more years and work for myself.

  3. What are three important lessons you’ve learned since starting out in your business(es)? 1. Networking is necessary. 
    2. Always be open to learning new things. 
    3. Don't reinvent the wheel, see what's already been done and then put your own spin on it. 

  4. Have you faced any particular struggles being a woman owned business owner? Just getting recognized on my social media platforms.
  5. Tell us a little bit about your support circle; who do you rely upon for support and guidance? I am the co-ministry leader for the entrepreneur ministry at my church, which provides a great deal of support. I am also the leader of a MeetUp group called: Pretty, Pampered & Paid. 

  6. What advice would you give other women seeking to delve into entrepreneurship? Do your homework in the area you want to work in, and then develop a very strong network of people that will hold you accountable and help you along the way.
  7. Supporting other women in business is part of our mantra so tell us how can we support your business ventures? I am currently looking to grow my travel business, specifically groups that want to travel. I am also looking to grow my coaching and speaking business, so I'm looking for groups that will allow me to come out and speak about various topics that will speak life into those that need it. 

We hope you enjoyed the interview with our #WomenMakingItHappen Entrepreneur of the Week, Michelle Arnold. Reach out to her and show her some support! Visit her Facebook Business Group.

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