LeShelle Smith is a Woman Making it Happen

Welcome to our weekly edition of Women Making it Happen (#WomenMakingItHappen). Each Wednesday on the blog we’ll feature a woman entrepreneur who’s making it happen in the world of entrepreneurship! She's gonna share with us how she keeps it moving for her business venture(s). 

Today’s featured woman is LeShelle,  the owner of Minority Report TV; a business that features and supports black owned businesses around the country. We met LeShelle through a networking group on Facebook.
“If you don’t understand yourself you don’t understand anybody else.” – Nikki Giovanni

We asked LeShelle to share a bit about what keeps her pushing and striving to #MakeItHappen!!!

  • First, we’d like to thank you so much for being a featured guest on our blog.Tell us a little bit about your business ventures. I'm the host of Minority Report - featuring Black Owned Businesses, a video blog that promotes black owned businesses. I post entrepreneur interviews and product/service reviews. My focus is WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING FOR ALL BLACK ERR'THANG! Books, movies, beauty, skin/hair care, home decor, games, shoes, and more! 
    Google+ +MinorityReport_TV
    YouTube channel http://bit.ly/1LWchOB
  • What propelled you to venture off into entrepreneurship? Failure. After high school, I was a fashion major for 2 years. Life in Manhattan was not for me and neither was fashion as a profession. It felt extremely superficial - a lot of sex, drugs, and partying which is not in alignment with my character or personality. It wasn't until I really got to know myself that I figured out I had to live and love on my terms not by the definition of others. I went back to school, majoring in Corporate Communications. With a job but no sense of fulfillment, I leveraged the lesson I learned from failing at fashion - when you don't fit it, stand out! Go against the grain and just do you. Failure isn't final. Most times, it is preparing you for your greater purpose. I decided not to wait for another open door. Instead I choose to but to build one. After interning and volunteering at various community agencies and nonprofit organizations, I choose to create my own platform and blog about what I cared about. I care about Black people, the Black community, and Black issues. Minority Report feat. Black Owned Businesses was born. I strive to promote the #BuyBlack Movement and encourage economic empowerment wherever and whenever I can.
  • What are three important lessons you’ve learned since starting out in your business(es)?
    1. Come out of your comfort zone - Sometimes you have to do what you have never done, to get what you never had but always wanted.
    2. Be resilient - Hit the reset button as many times as you need to as long as you never hit stop. 
    3. Enjoy the lane you are in - I love lanes. I love them more when people stay in them. There is enough room for everyone to prosper so perfect your craft and give the world your best.
  • Have you faced any particular struggles being a woman owned business owner? Women in general push past our adversities in ways that are sometimes indescribable. We just rock. We earned the right to be defined as magic simply because we can't tell you how we did "it", we just get "it" done.
  • Tell us a little bit about your support circle; who do you rely upon for support and guidance? God is my source of significance and I take all of my queues from Him. I don't make too many moves with out prayer and a discerning spirit. 
  • What advice would you give other women seeking to delve into entrepreneurship? I tell people if you want to do anything in life you need three things: 1. a plan, 2. resources, 3. strategy. The plan is the big picture. The resources are the tools to make the plan a reality. The strategy is how you plan, step by step, to execute the plan. If you have those three things, you can accomplish everything you want in life.

  • Supporting other women in business is part of our mantra so tell us how can we support your business ventures?
    I continue to look for social media partners, sponsors, and advertisers. These would be Black owned businesses that will collaborate with me by offering free or reduced pricing on purchases in exchange for word of mouth marketing. 

    Partnership would include:
    Co-branding messages
    In-Kind donations for future give-aways/contests
    Re-tweet content, "@" mentions, and shared #hashtags for mutually beneficial exposure on social media networks
    I would like to cultivate as many genuine relationships with as many Black owned businesses as I can. Together, we can use social media to cultivate our social capital and get these coins!

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