Friday Night Meet and Greet

A few weeks ago, Women Make it Happen decided to take a further step with our movement by launching a local component to the movement through Within a week we grew to 51 members from various parts of Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

We set out first meetup for the last Friday in October, settling on the Bus Boys and Poets Takoma Park location for our initial Meet and Greet. Several days before the event,  I put my daughter to work. She assisted me with creating informational bags for the ladies.

We came prepared too mingle, network and give a louder voice to the Women Make it Happen Movement.  It's when they say people can't support you if they don't know you exist. So we made sure to let them know that we existed and that we're here to service the needs of women who are making it happen in the world of business.

Sophia "set the table". We provided the attendees with information about Women Make it Happen

I sat down with each attendee (six total) and explained in detail the overall mission of the group and movement.
From far left to right: Ladia Siozios, Michelle Arnold, and Kim Fredrich

Seated from bottom left, Sophia (my daughter, Margaret Arnold, Pamela Williams, and Endea Thibodeaux (not pictured)

We learned a little bit about each other and we committed to keeping the momentum burning. After exchanging business cards for the evening, I committed to scheduling the next meetup for November by mid-week and pledge that we would work together to become stronger forces in the world of business. Now with the initial meeting over, the fun and work begins.  By this time next year it's our goal to have featured close to 200 womenpreneurs.

The ladies came prepared with business cards

A huge thank you to all the ladies who took time out of their busy schedules to attend.  A special thank you to my beautiful 7 year old daughter, Sophia for all her help  assisting me with preparations for this meetup.

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