Natasha Koo is a Woman Making it Happen

Welcome to our weekly edition of Women Making it Happen (#WomenMakingItHappen). Each Wednesday on the blog we’ll feature a woman entrepreneur who’s making it happen in the world of entrepreneurship! She's gonna share with us how she keeps it moving for her business venture(s). 

“Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as a survival, but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. Running that first shop taught me business is not financial science; it’s about trading: buying and selling.” – Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

Today’s featured woman is Natasha Koo,  the owner of Feminine Space, an online community for women that promotes self-love.

We asked Natasha to share a bit about what keeps her pushing and striving to #MakeItHappen!!!

  1. First, we’d like to thank you so much for being a featured guest on our blog.Tell us a little bit about your business ventures. Thank YOU for the work you do! I founded Feminine Space to create an online women's community for self-love. I empower, inspire and support women to start filling their own cups before serving everyone else. By letting go of guilt, have-to's and expectation to be the perfect everything, we can take care of ourselves by saying no to things that don't serve us and aren't right for us. We can live confidently and feel that we are worthy and that we matter.
  2. What propelled you to venture off into entrepreneurship? I always loved start-ups and saw market solutions as the way when I studied environment and business in University. I was heavily involved with social entrepreneurship but it was only when I got fired from my first job in Switzerland that I took some time off and loads of business ideas came to me and I couldn't help but start executing them and start creating my own business.
  3. What are three important lessons you have learned since starting out in your business(es)? I have learned that in order to make my dreams and visions happen, I have to take full responsibility for my existence. That means understanding and living out that I am the only one who can make my own dreams come true. I am responsible for my skills, time, talents and no one else can live my life for me.

    I have learned that the only approval I need is from me. I need to trust and believe in myself in order to realize and create anything worthy to others. Establishing a solid positive relationship and trust with myself is key.

    I have learned that I am abundant and I already have everything I need. I've learned to be unattached to the outcome or success of my business because I know that I can only do my best. I stopped comparing myself to others because I am me and no one can replicate that. I have the feelings that I will ever want to feel and I am not relying on my business or success to give me something external to make me happy. It is just a pure expression of my heart and energy.
  4. Have you faced any particular struggles being a woman owned business owner? I haven't faced much struggle as a female entrepreneur but I've had people not take me seriously because I am 25 years old. A female coach has called me a baby and tried to discredit my work. Some people also struggle to understand the very intuitive nature of my work. I let my inner wisdom and intuition guide a lot of my work and some people don't understand that.
  5. Tell us a little bit about your support circle; who do you rely upon for support and guidance? First of all, I rely on myself because I know there is no one to save me. I am here to save myself. However my husband has been very supportive and a cornerstone of my personal growth. I have a very strong group of friends and also a mastermind group.
  6. What advice would you give other women seeking to delve into entrepreneurship? Stop kidding yourself that you can't do it. It's never about the how.
    If you want it badly enough and you make the decision to do something, you will. If you don't want to, you will always find an excuse
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