Shelly Drymon is A Woman Making it Happen

Welcome to our weekly edition of Women Making it Happen (#WomenMakingItHappen). Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we feature a woman entrepreneur who’s making it happen in the world of entrepreneurship! She's gonna share with us how she keeps it moving for her business venture(s). 
“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”– Helen Keller
Today’s featured woman is Shelly Drymon,  the founder of The Rescue Yourself Project where she teaches the importance of self-love and self empowerment.

We asked Shelly to share a bit about what keeps her pushing and striving to #MakeItHappen!!!

  1. First, we’d like to thank you so much for being a featured guest on our blog.Tell us a little bit about your business ventures. Hello and thank you for your support of women business owners! I am the founder of The Rescue Yourself Project. I help women over 40 become experts on their goals, values, strengths, and purpose, so they can create a life they love. For too long we have waited for someone or something to make our life happier or better. I work with women to propel them to become their own knights in shining armor.
  2. What propelled you to venture off into entrepreneurship? I am currently still in a full-time job, while actively pursuing the entrepreneurial life, but will be transitioning to full-time self-employment in 2017. It wasn’t until recently that I realized one big aspect of my life was missing and that was to do things my way in terms of “work”. I spent many years in the nine-to-five with bosses who have a “butt in the seat mentality", and my rebellious nature just couldn’t take it anymore. Also, if I were to mentor women in creating a life they love, should I not have one as well? Being an entrepreneur is a big part of that life! I consider myself a very creative person, who loves to generate new ideas, learn new information and be able to experiment with everything I learn. It’s easier if I am the boss, because I am more than likely going to approve all my crazy ideas!
  3. What are three important lessons you have learned since starting out in your business(es)? You have to start. You can plan all day, write beautiful business plans, develop a website, get all the necessary licenses, and take every class you can find, but if you don’t start, it’s never going to happen! Failure leads to success. Take what didn’t work and tweak it but don’t think you have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Figure out what might have gone awry and work from there. Let go of the outcomes. The best advice I ever received and it was from my business coach. Put out your newsletter, your podcast, your blog and let it go. The universe will take care of you, but first you have to let the universe do it!
  4. Have you faced any particular struggles being a woman owned business owner? I haven’t faced too many outside struggles, considering I am in a female dominated field. I do face what I feel are demeaning attitudes about what I am doing. I have people who think what I am doing is “so cute,” and others who ask how that little hobby of mine is going. People discourage me by telling me I am too old (I am 54) and that it’s tough to make money doing what I want to do.
  5. Tell us a little bit about your support circle; who do you rely upon for support and guidance? I have surrounded myself with a small group of encouraging and positive women. If you continue to surround yourself with toxic individuals who will not support you then you have filled up all that valuable space with what doesn't serve you. I belong to a mastermind group and also am part of a all female inner circle.
  6. What advice would you give other women seeking to delve into entrepreneurship? Do it!!! If this is a passion of yours that is gnawing at you and keeping you awake at nights, you owe it to yourself to put yourself out there. Seek support from other entrepreneurs, and hire a business coach if you can. Believe in yourself. Often women don’t follow through on their dreams because of the years of self-doubt that has permeated their lives. That may be that biggest hurdle you have to overcome.
  7. Supporting other women in business is part of our mantra so tell us how can we support your business ventures? I am a firm believer in women supporting women so thank you. You can visit my website, or find my fan page on Facebook. I also have a private group for women – also the Rescue Yourself Project

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